The Perfect Balance


I know, I know... I've gone M.I.A. for a hot minute... And trust me, I am not happy about it, either. I've missed you all! I'm still trying to get the hang of this part-time blogging thing, and as you can imagine, life has been pretty hectic around these parts. 
I have to be completely honest - it's been a little challenging for me to find the perfect balance in my life for the blog, my full time job, and my personal life, but I am determined to find that perfect harmony. And I will - just you wait and see! I have so many things I want to share with you all! In the meantime though, let's talk about the weather (and this look), shall we? 
The weather here these past few days down in Virginia have been absolutely perfect and you better believe that I have been taking full advantage of it. Since I was talking about finding the perfect balance a little earlier in my post, I guess you can say Mother Nature has found her perfect balance with this amazing early fall weather. 
This look was something I threw on before running errands for the day earlier in the week. I'm glad I chose to throw on these insanely comfortable wedges, because I ended up meeting a girlfriend for lunch and while I was pretty casual in my ripped jeans, the height on the wedge (and my trusty Chanel boy bag) dressed the look up a bit. It's obvious that I'm still not ready to say goodbye to my sandals quite yet, so I have a few pair that are still within reach in the front part of my shoe closet. 
This top that I bought from Zara a while ago (I'm surprised to see it still in stock here) has been one of my favorite tops to wear on days like this. I love the festive colors of the pom pomps on the top, its easy to pair with your favorite shade of denim (looks great with either light or dark jeans) and it's sooooo soft. I love how flowy it is too, so it's perfect to wear on a girls' day of eating and drinking - you won't be able to see the aftermath of your indulgences ;).  
I'm curious to know what your favorite errand/last minute lunch date outfit is? Comment below and let me know! 

Top: Zara
Jeans: Zara, old
Wedges: Marc Fisher
Sunnies: Saint Laurent
Bag: Chanel


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