White Hot

There's  just something about an all-white outfit during the brutal Summer months that instantly make you look (and feel) cooler...

...which is why I've been gravitating towards the color all Summer '16. Now all white can get a little boring, so the fact that my top has a little bit of a taupe suede action going on at the bottom was a nice touch, because let's face it - I love my nude tones. 
All white is so easy to wear; it's effortless, and I am all about looking like I've spent a lot of time on my appearance when it's quite the contrary (let's not forget to mention how good it looks on with tanned skin). I really cannot be bothered when the temperature has surpassed 85 degrees before 12:00pm, so always making sure I'm in something that I can survive the heat in is always at the top of my list.
My legs freeze inside of restaurants and office buildings so this white denim was a nice compromise - not to mention these jeans are so breathable, they're the perfect summertime pant!
I can't wait to create more all-white looks, as I'm one of those girls who will be wearing her whites well into Fall, so I'll be sure not to pack them away in storage just yet!   
Top: Zara (old)
Denim: Zara (old, love this pair) 
Sandals: Steve Madden 
Bag: Chanel
Watch & Bracelet: Cartier


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