Rompin' Around



There’s just something about a good romper. Easy to put on, not much thought has to go into which top and bottom will look great that day, and they’re so much fun to wear… That is until you have to visit the ladies’ room.

This ASTR Romper has been my go-to outfit for so many occasions. Dinners, drinks, something cute to run around in on my day off… You name it. The possibilities with rompers are completely endless.

Whether I’m going for a more dressier approach with a pair of black OTK boots or a pair of black sandal heels (like I did here which is kind of impractical for the middle of the woods, but you do what you have to do for a good pic) or if I’m just slipping my flip flops on to run some errands in, I know that I’ll have looked like I put a little more thought into my appearance. Plus, you never know who you may run into when you’re running an errand or two.

Romper: ASTR (sold out, shop in stock ASTR rompers here)

Sandals: Sam Edelman

I hope you enjoyed this post! 



Better Late Than Never



I cannot believe that my first (and last… that is until now) post was in FEBRUARY *cringe*

While I hate excuses, I’ve had some pretty valid reasons behind my 6-month hiatus. I moved out of my parents’ house and to another state (which was bittersweet), I started an exciting new big girl job, have had some big girl bills to pay (adulting is a stressful thing) and I was driving myself crazy, thinking of great content I felt you all would like to see on my website! 

I was very hesitant with posting my first 'Welcome' post back in February, but what really opened my eyes were the universal responses from everyone I spoke to in hopes of my space being perfect and fearing that it would fail: I just had to DO THE DAMN THING

Very, very cliche, but life is all about taking risks. I’m not a person that can be content with wondering “what if”. So I decided to take the plunge and hit the publish button on what is my first outfit post. I am so excited to be sharing this with you, and I am even more excited for what is to come! Better late than never, right? 


Dress: Zara, (old)

Bag: Chanel (exact bag here)

Watch: Cartier (similar here)

Shoes: Steve Madden






Hi, everyone!! 

First and foremost, I'd like to thank you all so much for visiting my website! It means more to me than you'll ever know. Creating a blog was always something that I've wanted to do, and I finally took the plunge. I was hesitant at first because I didn't want to be known as "just another  blogger", or as someone who was trying to do something because everyone else was doing it. Also, I'm very private (as hard as that may be to believe), and therefore sensitive about what I put out to share with the world. It's intimidating and it really does leave you vulnerable and exposed. With entering a brand new year (*EDITOR'S NOTE*: this post is a liiiittle late, I know - HI FEBRUARY!), and making it a point in my life to try and experience everything that life itself has to offer, I knew it was finally time to ignore my doubts and insecurities and bring my ideas to life. 

I had always dreamt about blogging. I fell in love with the thought of sharing certain elements of my life with whoever was willing to listen (in this case read), and with those who already liked my vibe and simply wanted to get to know more. I also created this space to help and inspire people, no matter how huge or minuscule the impact. Whether I help 1 person or 1,000 people with the content I post, it's a huge deal for me. Huge.  

I'm not going to act like I know everything about blogging, because I'm really learning along the way. There's so much more to just providing content and posting. I'm constantly researching and observing. I do know, however, that I want to be 100% honest and upfront with everyone about everything.

While most of the posts on my blog may be about fashion and my personal style, I don't want to just categorize solely as a personal style blog. This site is going to be a compilation of things that have inspired me, things that I feel represent me, products I've used and ended up falling in love with (even things I've fallen out of love with), places I'd like to visit, where I've been, chats about life and everything else imaginable. Think of it as my personal online diary that I'm choosing to share with the world in a sense!

I am going to keep this first post short and sweet, but I'm SO excited and nervous to see where this whole thing goes. Again, I can't thank you enough for taking the time out of your life to come visit I've got some pretty great things in mind for the blog, and hope you all end up becoming frequent visitors to my site! I can't wait to go on this new journey and to have you along for the ride!