I am a 20-something year old New Jersey native, who attended and graduated from a university in Arlington, Virginia, majoring in Fashion Merchandising. Fashion has always been something that I loved and just connected with, and documenting and sharing my personal style was something I've always wanted to do. While fashion and my family take up most of the room in my heart, I also love music, traveling, cooking (eating), socializing, shopping and taking care of myself. I also (almost) forgot to mention I am a freelance model and love it so much. I believe in enjoying life to its fullest extent, and doing what truly makes you happy. Life is truly too short and delicate to live thinking, 'What if'. 

That being said, Alexis-Baker.Com will cover everything from fashion, my personal style, beauty, and traveling to candid vent sessions, behind-the-scenes of photoshoots I'm working on, to anything else you can possibly imagine. If I like it (or love it), you can consider it documented and up on this blog. Promising to always give you the most genuine me always. Enjoy!